Gluten free, vegan and allergen free recipes.

About Me

for eat's sake liz withkowski holistic nutritionistProfessional bio: Liz is a certified holistic Nutrition Consultant specializing in whole food diets, food allergies/intolerances, special diets, nutritional support for eating disorder recovery and digestive health. She has a Bachelor’s from McGill University, and a certificate in holistic nutrition from Bauman College. She has worked as a Healthy Eating Specialist for Whole Foods Market, and now works with people to improve their health, diets and quality of life through holistic nutrition and an ancestral health approach to life.

Member: Weston A. Price Foundation

Areas of Expertise:

  • nutritional support for improved energy
  • weight loss & hormone regulation
  • allergen free diets & gluten elimination
  • vegan and vegetarian diets
  • supporting digestive healing
  • nutritional support to heal from eating disorders


Less-professional bio: I’m a foodie nutrition nerd, and Certified Nutrition Consultant trying to make good food accessible and health the status quo. I believe that people should explore their own health needs for themselves, and that what works for you, might not work for me. I love food exploration, experimentation, and pretty much anything involving cooking or eating.

I graduated with honors from Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant program, following years of interest in healthy eating and nutrition, and am now working as a nutrition consultant in the Central Massachusetts area. I love my job, and love the satisfaction I receive from helping others!

I live in a cute little apartment in Massachusetts with my fitness-geared, musician man, and our emotionally needy pets (a cat and a degu!). We keep a chemical-free house and try our hardest to eat clean while not breaking the bank completely! For more about me, check out this post!




The views I have expressed on my blog are my own personal views and are not endorsed, supported by, and do not necessarily reflect the views, positions, or strategies of, my employer.