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The Whole Foods Spectrum

 I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because work is a little crazy, but I thought I’d update this blog really quickly to remind myself that it exists.
I was thinking this morning about how complicated healthy eating can seem, with all of the dissenting opinions (each with its own cadre of medical professionals, hobby bloggers and businesses), varying dogmas and opposing studies, and thought I’d write a little post to remind everyone of how simple healthy eating can be.

Look at the foods you eat in a day – or even in one meal – as being on a spectrum. At one end, there are whole foods – fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, eggs. The other end is processed foods – chips, cookies, candy, etc. Somewhere in the middle fall things like cheese, yogurt, pasta… you get the idea. So, there is this spectrum of food processing, and with every food choice, you make a decision to eat at one end, or the other, or somewhere in the middle. The goal is to shift towards the whole, unprocessed foods end.

Now, this won’t happen overnight (and it doesn’t have to!), small changes can resonate throughout future decisions. And, just because you ate chips and chocolate, covered in peanut butter (which sounds, frankly, delicious) for afternoon snack, it doesn’t mean you can’t tip the balance at dinner with a salad, or some roasted veggies. It’s a pretty forgiving system, which doesn’t discourage eating the occasional treat, but rather encourages a balanced, whole-food-based diet.

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